"Forest Therapy has become a valued service to our residents at El Rancho De La Vida. Her weekly walks amongst the trails and forests on the GWH property are superb! Constance is calm, supportive, inspiring and informative, and highly recommended by all residents and staff. " Carrie S.

"Being a nature enthusiast, I always thought I had a good understanding of Nature, but Constance opened my eyes in a way that I never expected. By the end of the walk I had an emotional release and she was good at making me feel comfortable enough to do so." Jamie T.

"My friend and I were Connie's first clients. We walked in my vegetable and flower garden. The experience was overwhelming in a good way. I was made more aware of my haven by her calming voice and guidance. I found a real connection to my peaceful spot. Thank you and I look forward to a walk in the forest come Spring." Melodie B.