Central Maine's 


Forest Bathing Service!


WorthIt Nartue & Forest Therapy Connections hopes to spread health and wellbeing awareness to the people of central Maine so that our children get back to learning about and loving the natural world.


To be a trusted, safe, trauma-informed provider of wellness and nature immersion experiences for adults and children.


To inspire individuals to connect with, care for, and protect our planet by offering guided forest bathing experiences that can be added to any digital detox or self-care routine.


-Create accessible forest bathing experiences for all ages, abilities, and genders.

-Support the emotional well-being of all participants.

-Encourage nature immersion in all aspects of life.

"When we first learned to walk, we walked just to enjoy walking. We walked and discovered each moment as we encountered it. We can learn to walk that way again." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Future Plans

WorthIt NFTC hopes to become a 501(c)3 social enterprise. WorthIt NFTC will find a base of operations, become a rewilded parcel of land with Forest Bathing trails. We will create a wellness destination as well as a forest kindergarten. We hope to positively impact nature immersive wellness activities and learning in the Kennebec River Valley.

Are you a local business owner, farmer, artisan, or wellness professional? I'd love to trade my service for your goods or services!